Hey, It Could Happen (Misha ficlet for agnestomorrow / @doci)

"So my question is, what do you think of Destiel?"

The same question he gets asked a million times over. And he defaults to his usual, which is joking about it. And he mentions the line that was cut, even though the context of the line mentioned family and “like you’re a brother,” and he gives them a little bit of hell about how convention audiences have changed, but they’re not the ones who have changed.

Nope. He’s the one who’s changed. He’s the one who’s gotta be twice as stand-offish and twice as careful as usual, because this time, he can’t tip his hand.

We’re going for this, guys. We want to go for it, but we need to make sure you’re good with it first.

"Nobody talks about it," he says in response to the question, but when he says nobody he’s thinking about Jensen, who sighed a bit and said "I had a feeling that’s what you were gonna ask us about," and "I gotta think about it" and sort of stalked off, leaving Misha alone in the office with Jeremy, who looked him square in the eye and said,

Misha, I know you’re good with this. Jensen’s gonna take some working on, but you know we’ve got to do this, right?

Here’s the thing… We gotta be doing this for the right reasons. We gotta be doing this for…

…For Dean’s sake, for his character. I’m not buying into the cute-couple thing any more than you are. This is about giving Dean a reason to grow.

"Pervs," Misha calls the audience, just to throw them off. Because from what Jeremy has mentioned, this is gonna be anything but pervy — a kiss, maybe. Waking up together. But mostly, it’s gonna be more of the same… the same slow burn that’s been happening for seasons now, just out in the open, reinforced with words.

So it’s all about Dean. What’s in it for me, huh?

Well, that’s the other thing I wanted to ask you about. You want to come on board full-time next season?

Wait. I’m being upped to love-interest status?

You got a problem with it?

Not personally. You know I gotta send you to my agent about the terms, though.

I can hardly wait.

Jensen’s come around by now, Misha’s sure. They haven’t talked about it, and he has a feeling they might not — not until they have to. But the regular upgrade came through, which can only mean one thing. Misha can read the signs.

"Feel free to slip in more of that sort of thing," the fan says.

And because that’s totally not the way it’s going, and because Misha’s all about misdirection, he dashes off, “Just the tip.”

The audience goes wild. They still have no idea. Misdirection accomplished, for now.

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