hils-k said: Instead of an engagement ring Cas gives Dean one of his feathers. Because that’s how it’s done in Heaven. Or something.

oh, hils~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ that’s so goopy :DDDD i just wanna put the bead out there that if anyone were to draw this opening image as fanart i would die of happy.

Castiel’s wings are the first thing Dean sees; he doesn’t know what to make of them, other than that they’re gorgeous, spreading out across the room in slate-gray arcs. The candles on the table illuminate them from below, casting golden circles on the interlocking layers of feathers. They move, rustling just slightly, and the candles’ flames jump in response.

And then it’s the rest of it — the table laid out with a burgundy tablecloth, champagne on ice, and, because it is the two of them, after all, a meticulously arranged cheeseburger on each plate and a paper coneful of French fries propped up in a flower vase between them.

Dean fidgets. He thought he’d be overdressed, wearing a tux (with a vest, though, nobody in the world can put him in a bowtie), but Cas is just as decked out, and the graceful line of his wings makes him look that much more dressed to the nines. They stare at each other, smiling, probably looking stupid as hell, for a good several minutes.

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