One more quick thought.

I have said on numerous occasions that I thought the story of SPN, at least Seasons 1-5, was the story of Dean learning to let go of Sam. That’s where he is at the end of  Swan Song, right? Mourning, but finally able to try to look forward to a “good enough” life? That showed significant personal growth from the beginning of the series. That was Dean maturing. That was his arc.

The problem of course is that the story didn’t end there. And with Sam coming back into Dean’s life, that growth has been short-circuited. In a way, to keep the story going, they had to retcon that personal development. So now the arc is stuck in an uncomfortable place, with no real timeline for how it should be resolved. How do you write the story of two brothers relating to each other without that fixed endpoint going? How do you keep it dynamic without making it a) dull or b) destructive? That balance is tricky as hell.

And quite frankly, when you’re in Year 9 and you’re down to Peruvian fat-suckers as new MotWs, no wonder you’re not doing the best job with this complicated tangle of a relationship. Which isn’t to say I didn’t like the scene - I did - but yeah, all this could be paced better. At this point, I’m just encouraged that it’s moving at all instead of staying static. I have less faith it’s going to find a resolution, because there isn’t that fixed endpoint for the arc.